From the moment Ideal is engaged, our team takes control of the situation to quickly and effectively resolve any issue with minimal costs, risks, or business impact. Our main objective is to ensure the health and safety of any building occupants and visitors. Ideal’s unique and proven processes encompass four key areas:


Ideal takes cleanliness and organization very seriously. Our vehicles are rolling warehouses, ready for any event we may encounter at your facility. We understand the potential for dirt or contaminates in our vehicles to be transferred into a clean environment, so we maintain our vehicles at the highest cleanliness standards.

Every time a vehicle returns from a project, it goes through a 3 step disinfecting processes:

  1. All used equipment is removed and set aside to be cleaned and disinfected in a clean room in our facility
  2. The back of the vehicle and cab are cleaned
  3. The vehicle undergoes a comprehensive disinfecting using a product with a 6-log reduction (99.9999%)

This process ensures that whenever our clients call for emergency services with sensitive indoor environments, the tools and equipment coming from the truck are clean and ready to use.


With hundreds of portable pieces of equipment — like HEPA air filtration devices and dehumidifiers — tracking, cleaning, disinfecting, and the proper storage of this equipment is paramount to avoid cross contamination in your buildings.

When a piece of equipment leaves a job site, it’s returned to our plant and enters into clean room where it undergoes a thorough 8 step process:

  1. Filters are removed
  2. The interior and exterior is HEPA vacuumed
  3. The HEPA filter is tested in the machine using a laser particulate meter
  4. Disinfectant is applied that provides a 6-log reduction to the interior and exterior of the unit
  5. New filters are installed if needed
  6. The entire unit is shrink wrapped
  7. A label is applied with the date of the cleaning and disinfecting, the laser particle reading, and the technician who serviced the unit.
  8. The unit is then stored in a clean warehouse until it’s needed.


Our experienced and well-trained crews have earned a reputation in the industry for being trustworthy, capable, and ready to resolve any disaster they encounter.

We keep your site-specific badging system updated before emergencies occur. This processes includes continuous updating of our team’s:

  1. Personnel background information
  2. HIPPA, bloodborne pathogen, sexual harassment, specific facility trainings, etc.
  3. Immunizations such as Hep A, B, Tetanus, TB test, etc.
  4. Ensure employees sign all policy and procedures for each facility

We’re trained to work in sensitive indoor environments using the latest technology in containment enclosures and negative air pressure monitoring. These engineering controls are specifically implemented to stop cross-contamination. These trainings are Certified Healthcare Remediator Technician (CCHR-T) and Certified Healthcare Remediation Supervisor (CCHR-S) and HAZWOPER 40.


When we arrive to help you in a building emergency, we immediately assist in Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) and provide you with our assessment (if desired) to help speed up the processes. Once approved by your team, we’re ready to execute containment and air pressure controls.

Ideal controls the workspace using STARC Systems®, which is a modular hard containment system that is erected quickly, provides acoustic attenuation, has locking doors if desired, and eliminates the possibility of containment falling or degrading.

We coordinate with EH&S departments to ensure scope of work and clearance criteria is clear and understood to ensure we pass clearances the first time. Ideal passes clearances the first time 98% of the time.